Respiratory Therapists Urgently Needed During Pandemic

rts needed

The U.S. continues to experience a shortage of Respiratory Therapists, exacerbating the seemingly never-ending fight against Coronavirus.

Travel Therapy as an Option

Most major hospital organizations have employed contingent allied health clinicians over the past 18 months, with Respiratory Therapists among the most sought-after. Because RTs treat breathing and airway issues, they are critically needed to care for COVID-19 patients and to continue treatment through recovery. After discharge, these patients may have ongoing difficulty breathing that requires support from Respiratory Therapists.

Many healthcare employers are seeking to fill traveling Respiratory Therapist jobs. These contingent workers shore up staff levels as permanent staff attempts to avoid burnout. Many therapists also suffer from PTSD and similar conditions as a result of their service during the pandemic . According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare workers have been among the most likely to voluntarily quit the jobs during the past 12 months.

With their training and experience in patient ventilation and oxygen monitoring, RTs are a go-to resource in treating the most critically ill patients. Respiratory Therapists work in a variety of settings, and they are key team members in the ICU. They are often the clinicians performing the intubations, and like so many other healthcare professionals they have stepped in when family members were unable, providing emotional support to patients nearing end of life due to COVID-19.

Career Rejuvenation is Possible

Due to the high demand and reduced supply for RTs, pay rates for traveling therapists have also increased. For allied health professionals interested in having a bit more control over when and where they work, along with increased pay, travel therapy may be an attractive option.

Speech Therapy

A Speech Therapist will evaluate the patient's communication environment and monitor patient progress.

Cat Scan

CAT scan technologists, sometimes known as CT or radiologic technologists, provide diagnostic images of the interior