Occupational Therapy Jobs Surge in States with Enacted Autism Insurance Reform

insurance reform

Occupational therapy jobs are in higher demand in 26 states, thanks to new legislation that requires health insurers to cover screening, diagnosis and treatment for autism spectrum disorders—heartening news for OTs treating patients with problems processing sensory input. Researchers estimate that 8 out of 10 autistic children suffer from Sensory Processing Disorder; with more affordable and expansive health care treatments and options, occupational therapy is more effective in lowering these statistics.

Autism Insurance Reform Bill a Win - Win for More Than Just Occupational Therapists

For parents, autism insurance reform eliminates the critical choice between keeping finances stable and seeking quality treatment; this bill lets them have both, ensuring that Medicaid and public schools are not the only form of reimbursement for families struggling to meet treatment costs. States to enact the autism insurance reform bill require insurance companies to include, as part of care, routine toddler screenings, behavioral health treatments, speech therapy, occupational and physical therapy, as well as other allied healthcare services that seek to benefit the 1 in every 115 children diagnosed with autism in the United States today. Insurance reform is expected to help these individuals better afford out-patient care, Applied Behavior Analysis, and protect against wrongful termination of health benefits. Patients helped by this reform may also expect shorter waits for optional, but beneficial treatments.

Looking for Therapy Jobs in States that Promote Advocacy and Increased Awareness?

Sought after, high paying travel occupational therapy jobs from coast to coast are part of this ground-breaking reform, in California, Virginia and New Jersey to name a few. Call 1-800-617-0608 or apply online today. Our recruiters align your talents with an ideal occupational therapy career in healthcare facilities synonymous with excellent care—for autism, and wide range of disorders requiring the high-level clinical training and expertise you know you can provide.  Apply today!

Footnote: Find out more about Autism Reform Law in your state by visiting the Autism Votes official website; here therapists will find an initiative map detailing which states have enacted this positive law. Valuable information on your community’s Autism Speaks Chapter Advocacy Chair is also available.

Archived material on the American Traveler Allied blog is also a great career resource! Learn more about the exciting challenges and rewards of an occupational therapy career and how it helps patients with autism and sensory processing disorder .