faqs about travel therapy

Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Therapy

Q. What is a travel therapy job career?

A. Travel therapists are experienced healthcare professionals, who wish to move ahead in their career, compensation and lifestyle. A travel therapy career allows healthcare professionals to work up to four travel jobs each year. Travel therapists working with us enjoy high compensation and receive comprehensive medical, life, dental and vision insurance, including Day 1 options; housing allowance; 401(k); travel licensure reimbursement and more.

Q. Where are travel therapy jobs located?

A. American Traveler Allied works with over 3,000 healthcare facilities and offers high paying travel therapist jobs nationwide. Among these prominent facilities are university hospitals, top-ranked children's hospitals, trauma centers and more. Travel jobs last on average 13 - 26 weeks in length and are often renewed many times over.

Contract therapy jobs - answers about pay:

Q. Can I earn a six figure income with a therapist job at American Traveler Allied?

A. Yes, when considering high travel pay and lucrative American Traveler Allied benefits, achieving a six-figure income is well within reach.

Q. Does your travel therapy agency offer direct deposit?

A. Pay can be deposited directly into any U.S. bank account or credit agency.

Q. Does pay for travel therapy jobs differ from state to state?

A. Travel therapy jobs offer high pay and vary based on demand and other factors, one of which is location.

Q. When is pay day at American Traveler Allied?

A. Paychecks are deposited weekly, based on your start date.

Q. Is my travel therapy job paycheck subject to state income tax?

A. Yes, but only in states that require state income tax. Currently, seven states have no state income tax: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. Two others, New Hampshire and Tennessee, tax only dividend and interest income.

Q. Does American Traveler Allied withhold for taxes or do I claim my own?

A. American Traveler Allied withholds all applicable taxes from your paycheck prior to deposit.

Q. Do I get paid for canceled travel therapy job shifts?

A. The American Traveler Allied Protection Plus Plan can ensure that you get paid for the therapy job shift. This benefit applies to select travel therapy jobs.

Q. Am I eligible for travel therapy job bonuses at American Traveler Allied?

A. Referral bonuses are available starting day one. Sign-on and completion bonuses vary on assignment.

Q. Is overtime available for travel therapists?

A. At American Traveler Allied, you work overtime only when you want. Many travelers sign up for overtime to boost therapy job income.

Travel therapy job career answers about facilities and destinations:

Q. What types of healthcare facilities are staffed by American Traveler Allied?

A. American Traveler Allied has access to more than 3,000 hospitals and outpatient facilities nationwide. We staff everything from small rural hospitals and resort facilities to large teaching schools and big city trauma units. We also have high paying travel therapy jobs in therapy centers and children’s hospitals across the U.S.

Q. Does American Traveler Allied have traveling therapist jobs in all 50 states?

A. Travel therapy jobs with American Traveler Allied span all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Q. Does American Traveler Allied offer therapy jobs in university teaching hospitals?

A. Absolutely! In fact, American Traveler Allied has access to a majority of hospitals ranked the best by U.S. News and World Report, many of which are teaching hospitals.

Q. Do you staff outpatient facilities?

A. American Traveler Allied has therapy jobs at top-ranked outpatient facilities in all 50 states. Our access to healthcare jobs with high pay is second to none!

Q. Do I choose my travel therapy job destination or does American Traveler Allied?

A. It’s ultimately your decision where you would like to work. We provide you with a variety of choices after comparing your qualifications, city, and hospital preferences to available jobs in our national database.

Q. Will I have a choice of hospitals or does American Traveler Allied decide?

A. After matching your preferences with available travel therapy jobs, you’ll decide which hospitals and / or outpatient opportunities you would like to pursue.

Answers about American Traveler Allied benefits:

Q. What type of coverage is included in group health insurance?

A. We provide you with comprehensive health insurance which provides for medical, dental, vision and life insurance on your assignment. You'll have several options to choose from, or opt instead to have us subsidize your own insurance.

Q. Does American Traveler Allied reimburse travel therapists for travel? Is it tax free?

A. We provide for a generous round-trip travel reimbursement on every assignment. This is a major benefit, covering expenses such as gasoline and minor repairs. Travel expenses related to your profession may be tax deductible when you work with us. Consult with your tax professional for more information.

Q. Is the American Traveler Allied 401(k) benefit company-matched?

A. Yes, we contribute generously to your retirement. Along with high travel therapy pay and benefits, our 401(k) benefit lets you spend freely while traveling – and still sock some away!

Q. Do travel therapy job benefits at American Traveler Allied include continuing education courses?

A. American Traveler Allied offers free, unlimited CEs for as long as you travel with us. We’ll give you access fully-accredited online courses so you can advance in the practice.

Q. Will I be reimbursed for licensure when I travel to a new state?

A. American Traveler Allied not only reimburses you for licensure when you travel to a new state, we will guide you through the licensure process every step of the way!

Q. Who administers benefits; American Traveler Allied or the hospital?

A. While on assignment with American Traveler Allied, you’re employed by us, so we manage and administer all payroll, housing allowance, insurance benefits, bonuses and support. Our highly-trained staff of specialists is at your disposal during your entire travel therapy assignment.

Traveling therapy job schedule:

Q. Can I take time off between travel therapy jobs at American Traveler Allied?

A. Yes, you can apply for time off between assignments.

Q. Can I include time off in my contract?

A. Yes, but requests for time off may be handled different depending on assignment.

Q. Can I choose what shifts to work?

A. Schedule requests are fulfilled based on travel therapy job assignment.

Q. Can I renew therapy jobs at hospitals where I’d like to stay?

A. Contract renewal is based on hospital need. Travel therapists have been known to remain at the same travel therapy job for two years and more.

Q. Can I take weekends off?

A. Schedule requests are based on contract agreement and hospital need.

Q. Can I choose to work extra travel therapy job shifts?

A. You can request extra traveling therapy job shifts from your supervisor. Skilled rehabilitation therapists are in high demand in hospitals nationwide.

Q. How many work days are in a typical traveling therapist job week at American Traveler Allied?

A. Most therapy professionals at American Traveler Allied work five days a week, 8 hour shifts.

Therapy jobs support and service answers:

Q. Are American Traveler Allied client services available 24/7?

A. American Traveler Allied emergency hotline is available 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays. For regular business, we are available five days a week.

Q. Can I expect one-on-one service from American Traveler Allied?

A. American Traveler Allied recruiters and support staff are rigorously trained to deliver personalized service. Part of our mission is to establish long-term relationships with travelers and become your preferred travel therapy agency. Our response times to emails and phones calls are swift ,and your recruiter calls at least once a week to ensure your continued satisfaction with your assignment, and benefits.

Q. Does American Traveler Allied employ therapists for advice on clinical matters?

A. Our clinical support staff is comprised of experienced healthcare professionals, all of whom are intimately familiar with the dynamics of travel therapy jobs.

Q. What type of support can I expect while on travel therapy job assignment?

A. Your assigned American Traveler Allied recruiter works diligently to cater to your personal and professional goals and deliver a level of service that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Q. Is American Traveler Allied support staff available by email or text? How long for a response?

A. Our support staff responds quickly to email and text five days a week. Our emergency hotline is open 24/7, 365 days a year for emergencies.

Q. Does American Traveler Allied support staff assist with job documentation, licensing and credentialing?

A. Yes. In fact, after you’ve been approved as a qualified candidate, you pack your bags and hit the road. We take care of the rest!

Travel therapy jobs - career questions about resume:

Q. Can travel therapy jobs advance my career?

A. Absolutely! A travel therapist exhibits flexibility and the ability to adapt to just about any hospital environment. Should you decide to stop traveling and settle in as permanent staff, hospitals will look favorably upon your resume and experience.

Q. How do employers perceive travel therapists?

A. Travel therapists are viewed as the ultimate therapy professionals, capable of thinking on their feet, adapting well to change and highly skilled.

Q. Can I make a career as a travel therapist?

A. Travel therapy jobs offer an exciting career full of rewards, advancement and personal satisfaction. American Traveler Allied can get you work now and for years to come. Your future is our reward.

Q. Can I just fax in a resume or do I have to fill out a travel therapy job application?

A. Our online application and skills checklist is fast and easy. It is the first step to view positions that match your experience and job requirements.

Q. Am I eligible for permanent staff positions after working at American Traveler Allied?

A. While working for us, you’ll come across many opportunities to work as a permanent staff therapist. When the opportunities present themselves, our staffing team is available for guidance.