travel therapy benefits

Competitive Benefits Through American Traveler Allied

Each assignment through American Traveler Allied offers industry standard and competitive benefits. Our benefits allow travelers to maximize their experience by unlocking career potential while allowing them to invest in their future. Some of these competitive benefits include free private housing, comprehensive health insurance, weekly paychecks, and much more.

Top Pay Rates and Income-Enhancing Benefits

Therapists enjoy exceptional salaries and bonuses on many assignments. With positions available nationwide, we are able to selectively offer those assignments that meet your salary requirements as well as geographical preferences. In addiiton, the Tax Advantage Plan increases take home pay for travelers who qualify for tax advantage benefits. Take home pay increases by as much as 15% for meals and incidentals. Travel therapists earn on average compensation of over $70,000 and when including the other benefits described above, such as housing and health insurance, it can be a total compensation package of nearly $100,000 a year.

Generous Housing Allowance

Therapy jobs at American Traveler Allied provide a generous housing allowance that lets you arrange for your own lodging, when, where and how you prefer. You may also opt to let your recruiter arrange housing.

When taking a travel therapy job, American Traveler Allied encourages therapists to travel with family, friends and pets. We'are eager to assist you along the way.

Group Healthcare - Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance

American Traveler Allied offers comprehensive health, dental, vision and life Insurance with all of our contract therapy jobs. This benefit is flexible to meet your needs and allow for dependents.

Licensure Reimbursement

Reimbursement for required state licensing is included in all travel therapy jobs at American Traveler Allied. Our client support team helps with licensure and all facets of securing your therapy assignment's arrangements.

Free CE Online Courses

We also provide online continuing education courses for therapists on assignment. Online courses offer real-time testing and printable CE certificates, and many are available as podcasts. The free CE benefit allows therapists to advance in the practice and stay current on healthcare issues. Importantly, it may also help you fulfill state board requirements for licensure.

Travel Reimbursement Plan

The benefits of therapy jobs include a generous round-trip reimbursement for travel to help pay for gas and car maintenance -- leaving more money for entertainment, daytrips and your 401(k).

401(k) Retirement Plan

American Traveler Allied contributes to your 401(k) on every assignment. Our company-matched 401(k) program is competitive and helps build a retirement nest egg for travel therapy job professionals.

Tax Advantage Plan

Our Tax Advantage Plan increases the take home pay for travel therapy jobs, for those who qualify. Ask your Recruiter about the benefits of tax-free meals and incidentals.

- Travel therapy jobs home pay & benefits increase by as much as 15 percent for those who qualify
- Travel therapists per diem pay may provide up to $10,000 in annual tax free savings
- High per diem pay for travel therapy can improve your lifestyle, enable you to contribute more to your 401(k) retirement plan, increase the amount of disposable income available to meet your direct needs, and enhance your total travel therapist job experience.

In addition to free housing, lucrative benefits and health insurance, you'll be one step closer to a six-figure income with our exclusive Tax Advantage Plan for therapist jobs. Our Tax Advantage Plan amounts to more money in every paycheck

It's recommended to consult with your Tax Advisor to determine if you qualify for the tax-free per diem pay offered by the Tax Advantage Plan. For more complete tax details, click here to review the IRS tax code.

Therapist Licensure

Obtaining required licensure or certifications before a travel assignment.

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