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GI/Endoscopy Travel Jobs

GI/Endoscopy specialists use an endoscope to view an organ or body cavity.

Job Info Location Weekly Pay (sort)
Endo - GI/Endoscopy »
13 weeks - Days 8
Metro Area: Boston MA
Start Date: ASAP
Concord MA $1671
Endo - GI/Endoscopy »
13 weeks - Days 8
Metro Area: Marion-Herrin IL
Start Date: ASAP
Herrin IL $1262

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This estimated weekly gross pay is based on the specified number of hours per week and includes available stipend amounts. Traveler eligibility is subject to company policy, as well as additional regulations and laws.

Specialty Requirements

Traveling GI/Endoscopy professionals will be expected to meet the education, licensing and certification requirements for staff professionals in their area of specialty. Many hiring facilities prefer a candidate with at least one year of clinical experience. 

More Information About Endoscopy Travel

Traveling endoscopy professionals assist or perform this nonsurgical procedure using an endoscope, generally a flexible tube, equipped with a light and camera.

Endoscopy Travel Job Description

Endoscopy technicians prepare the procedure rooms and assists with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and technical equipment in the room. Endoscopy RNs may administer sedatives, sterilize and prepare equipment, assist the MD performing the procedure, monitor patient and maintain patient records.

Endoscopy Pay Information

Annual salaries for highly skilled endoscopy clinicians in the highest-paying locations can extend into the six figure range. While travel pay often tracks with staff pay -- in similar locations, with similar levels of experience and responsibilities, traveling professionals also can draw on other benefits such as bonuses, stipends and reimbursements, as well as tax advantages.