California Physical Therapists Play a Lot of Wii Golf


California Physical Therapists Play a Lot of Wii Golf.

Read About the Interactive Game That Is Changing Outcomes for Stroke Patients...

On the East Coast, the New York Times is talking about a therapy phenomenon taking off on the West Coast and other cities in the U.S; it’s an approach to helping physical therapy patients via Nintendo’s Wii Golf. Going strong for 2 years now at a Kaiser Permanente facility in Redwood, CA , Wii Golf is transforming therapy and recovery for stroke patients, who like the game so much they are motivated to come into the rehab center in their free time.

While Wii Sports offers boxing, baseball and tennis, it’s the golf that seems to provide patients the best opportunity at restoring range of motion, balance and gross motor skills. Physical therapists like incorporating Wii golf into patients’ routines, because it provides them with scores and immediate feedback. Here’s how it works: Wii players hold a wireless motion-sensitive wand in front of animated screens that simulate holes on a golf course; the result is a victory for PTs and patients alike because it’s so much fun; it also motivates the patient to strike beneficial poses that might have taken much longer using more traditional methods of physical therapy.

Good News for Sports Lovers Looking for California Physical Therapy Jobs

For physical therapists in California—the state in the U.S. now showing the highest posting of PT jobs—the Nintendo Wii has created cheering sections in outpatient units across the Golden State; and at the end of the day, the physical therapy goal behind it all is to keep patients active, less reliant on therapists and 100% committed to making a full recovery. The fun that goes with it is just a bonus!