Celebrate National Physical Therapy Month this October

physical therapy month

October puts physical therapists in the spotlight! In 1982 the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) changed from National Physical Therapy Week, to a month long celebratory event for physical therapists nationwide. This year’s 2010 theme is: Move Forward: Physical Therapists bring motion to life—not just a slogan, but APTA sponsored site; one that gives both therapists and their patients, the chance to explore the positive effects of physical therapy for everyone involved.

National Physical Therapy Month does its part to increase the general public’s awareness of what physical therapists do, and the diversity of patients helped by their expertise. Whether young, old, injured in an accident, or as the result of illness and disease, a licensed physical therapist, often board certified in one or more of 8 physical therapy specialties, is highly trained to improve patients’ range of motion, balance, strength and flexibility.

But as a physical therapist working for American Traveler Allied, or likeminded staffing agency, you already know this—we’re just giving you extra reasons to bring National Physical Therapy month to your patients’ attention; they may benefit from APTA’s "Motion to Life Site", where a quiz, reader poll and more lets them access their current level of motion, and see if they have a health issue that merits a visit to your office.

Why are physical therapists making headlines?

As the world watched Spain capture the world cup during the FIFA games this summer, the general public was more aware than ever of the need for physical therapists and their ability to heal, as seen in this sports related injuries video.

Health Information Technology (IT) has also taken the physical therapy world by storm, and offers new and innovative ways of preparing therapists for future sessions with patients; you’ll enjoy watching the video that enhances our article about virtual reality training.

With so much to sit back and take in, maybe we should pop some popcorn; instead please accept our simple thanks. American Traveler Allied wishes to add its own “tip of the hat” to a worldwide appreciation for what physical therapists do. We are proud to offer physical therapy jobs from coast to coast and everywhere in between that challenge and reward qualified applicants with top benefits, competitive pay, as well as traveling and permanent therapy positions in some of the best rehabilitative hospitals in America.

National Physical Therapy Month is just one of many occasions that serve to remind physical therapists of a competitive present and future in their field; the APTA cites a 27% jump in hiring by 2016 (as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), and the majority of physical therapists with doctorates in hand (DPT degree) by 2020.

American Traveler Allied career resources help you stay on track 365 days a year

American Traveler Allied offers current and aspiring physical therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants career resources that help them stay on track toward achieving licensing whether they are foreign trained or educated in the U.S. We have quick links to member board information in all 50 states. Check us out, and apply online today!

In the meantime, think about the ways physical therapy touches the lives of your patients and leave us a comment about how you, personally, are bringing motion to life!