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Traveling Radiation Therapist Jobs

A radiation therapist uses beams of radiated light to locate and treat cancerous tumors according to the plan prescribed by a radiologist and oncologist.

Job Info Location
Rad Therapist - 13 weeks - Days  $$ »
Metro Area: Boston MA
Start Date: ASAP
Boston MA
Rad Therapist - 15 weeks - Days  $$ »
Metro Area: St. Louis MO-IL
Start Date: 06/17/2024
St. Louis MO
Rad Therapist - 13 weeks - Days  $$ »
Metro Area: Abilene TX
Start Date: ASAP
Abilene TX
Rad Therapist - 13 weeks - Days  $$ »
Metro Area: Nashville TN
Start Date: 06/24/2024
Nashville TN
Rad Therapist - 13 weeks - Days  $$ »
Metro Area: Greensboro-High Point NC
Start Date: ASAP
Greensboro NC
Rad Therapist - 13 weeks - Days  $$ »
Metro Area: Jackson TN
Start Date: ASAP
Jackson TN
Rad Therapist - 13 weeks - Days  $$ »
Metro Area: San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos CA
Start Date: ASAP
La Jolla CA

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Requirements for Radiation Therapist Travel

Because radiation therapists work with cancer patients of all ages they must have a professional demeanor. You must also be able to move or lift patients who may be disabled by their illness. Due to the potentially hazardous material they work with, radiation therapists must be diligent in following safety procedures.

More Information About Radiation Therapist Travel

Radiation Therapists are responsible for the safety of their patients, for observing and documenting any reactions to treatment, updating charts and answering any radiology related questions a patient might have.

Radiation Therapy Travel Job Description

Radiation therapists work under an oncologist and provide emotional support to patients and family members who are going through an extremely stressful process. They work as part of a medical team to prepare patients and administer radiation treatments for cancer. During the course of treatment, they will monitor the patient's responses, including side effects, and may adjust the schedule or doses of radiation accordingly.

Radiation Therapy Pay

A Radiation Therapist is very well compensated in the United States. The current average salary of a Radiation Therapist is $84,436 for the year 2021. Just like many other professions this number depends on experience, education, location and demand. In addition to the salary of a Traveling Radiation Therapist, they will receive an added full travel benefits package.