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A range of developmental issues can affect a child’s ability to progress normally through the typical stages of social or cognitive development. The longer a child goes without learning these skills, the obstacles the child encounters —which makes the skills of a pediatric occupational therapist critical to their patients. Therapy can involve games, music, art or physical exercises. The goal of pediatric therapy is to challenge clients appropriately,  building self-esteem along the way.

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Requirements for Pediatric OT Positions

Typically, pediatric occupational therapists must hold a master’s degree from an accredited university and pass a national license exam. Most master’s degree programs in pediatric occupational therapy take two years to complete and incorporate hands-on training.

More Information About Pediatric OT Travel

Pediatric occupational therapy helps children develop the skills they need to become independent adults.

Pediatric OT Travel Job Description

The pediatric OT may teach children to write better, speak more clearly or gain specific physical skills, helping them reach maturity with strength and confidence.

Pediatric OT Pay

According to Ziprecruiter, the national average salary for Pediatric OTs on staff is just over $90K per year. That number various by setting, employee duties and experience as well as location.