Why does finding the right therapy jobs require an agency?

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Occupational therapists, Physical therapists and Speech Language Pathologists - We've got jobs news for you!

Therapy Jobs Search - WHY A RECRUITER?

Whether you're already practicing or just out of school, a therapy job recruiting agency can help you better land a job that suits your personal and professional needs. Though at first many go it alone and conduct their own therapy jobs search, a recruiter can open doors to opportunities you might not otherwise consider. If you always wanted to visit California, Florida, Texas, Arizona or other exciting U.S. destinations, then maybe you should consider a therapy job there. A recruiter can make that happen!

See New Places/Meet New People

Some therapists aren't sure where they want to work, but they are sure they want a change. Some are looking for a lifestyle change, others simply want to work somewhere else. An experienced therapy jobs recruiter can help you relocate, find you FREE housing and a job in a facility that suits your professional goals. Moreover, travel therapy helps you network professionally and can boost your social life!

Therapist Pay and Benefits

By negotiating your contract with a healthcare employer you risk missing out on 20 percent higher pay, free housing and free health insurance.

On the other hand, travel therapy job recruiters already know where the high salary positions are and can make recommendations based on your qualifications and lifestyle needs. A travel jobs agency can get you $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 more than you can get on your own.  Many will also pay for your housing. Keep in mind that utilizing the skills and national footprint of a therapy staffing company costs you nothing.

Jobs Search Time

Think about how much time it takes looking for a therapist job: filling out applications, emailing resumes and posting qualifications on jobs boards hoping you get a call. This type of PT, OT or SLP therapy jobs search could take weeks - sometimes months - and still you might not land a job.

On the other hand, a well-established therapy recruitment agency already has completed a grassroots job search for the position you're looking for and has postings ready to fill. Moreover, recruiters already have established relationships with decision makers. They know who to call and when, and are highly-trained to market your abilities as a professional therapist.

Therapy Recruitment Agency Resources

Ask yourself how many healthcare employers you can put your resume before in one day? Then tell yourself how many days or weeks it may take for an employer to view your resume, pass it on to Human Resources and give you a call. Even then, you still need to find out about working conditions, leadership, reputation, amenities around the hospital, and benefits. Then you need to be sure of contractual obligations required by you and your potential employer. How prepared are you to do this?

On the other hand, therapist job recruiters know about working environments, lifestyle amenities, contracts, insurance, payroll and housing. In fact, they're highly-trained to find you a job fast - it's what they do every day. Because recruiters are familiar with facilities and locations, they can help you settle in to therapy jobs quickly, point you in the direction of 'things to do' and are committed to helping you in any way they can for the duration of your assignment.

"As soon as you're qualified by American Traveler Allied, we begin searching our national database of therapy jobs and work on getting you interviews at hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rehab centers, home health or wherever you want to work," said Recruitment VP, Mary Kay Hull, for American Traveler Allied Professionals.

American Traveler Allied has relationships with top healthcare employers across the U.S. Call us at 800-617-0608 or apply online today. No commitment required, just the desire for qualified therapists to find the best therapy jobs first.