Therapy Jobs Growing in Years to Come


The year has just begun, and already physical therapists and occupational therapists are among the most in-demand allied health workers. With average unemployment rates rising, finding a career with job security may seem an impossible task, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics continues to report an increasing demand for rehab therapists, predicting 30% growth between 2008 and 2018.

The growth of rehab jobs is generally attributed to the increasing elderly population. As the baby boom population ages, the need for rehab therapists in nursing homes and hospitals will continue to increase. Not all rehab jobs involve working with the elderly, however. Physical therapists and occupational therapists can also find work in schools, clinics, and private homes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics explains that as medical technology advances, trauma victims and infants with birth defects are more likely to survive, increasing their need for rehab therapists, as well.

Salaries for rehab therapists are also on the rise, and travel therapists can earn an even greater salary than those in permanent positions. Travel therapists take home an average of 35% more than permanent therapists, while also getting free private housing and earning tax benefits.

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