Questions and Answers for Physical Therapy Graduates Seeking Travel Therapy Jobs

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Recently we had a PT graduate send us a few very good questions regarding his interest in travel physical therapy jobs. In the process of answering his questions, we also thought would be important to share them with our online community. So, here are his questions and American Traveler Allied's answers about physical therapist graduates seeking travel therapy jobs.

FAQs for Recent Physical Therapy Grads

1. Do new graduates generally have good outcomes in choosing traveling PT as a first career choice or are new grads turned down often due to little experience? A: Many facilities are happy to have fully licensed new graduate Physical and Occupational Therapists join their team as a Traveler. The decision will be based on the specific need of the facility and if they have support available for the Physical or Occupational Therapist at the time. New Graduates are most successful in securing a position if they are flexible with pay rate expectations, location and setting choices.  Once a Physical or Occupational Therapist has had a year or more of experience and has completed at least one travel assignment, they will have many more options available to them.
2. Also, my fiancé is a nurse who also wants to travel. Do you have travel nursing assignments as well where we could potentially travel together?  A: Many of our Travelers choose to travel with a companion. This works best when you are both working with the same Recruiter and when you are both flexible with locations. American Traveler Allied specializes in Allied Health professions, however if your RN partner has applied for a travel nursing asssignment, as partner, American Traveler Allied can arrange to have a single Recruiter work with both of you.
3. Lastly, is there any other good insight you may have for a new PT grad looking into this? I really hope to find a reputable agency that will help me succeed in my new profession.  A: Be sure you trust your Recruiter. Good Recruiters are up front and honest, they don’t promise you what they can’t provide and they are honest with you in regards to the jobs they have available that will be a good match for your experience. A good Recruiter does not want to place you in the wrong job for the sake of getting you a job. Also, work hard on your resume to be sure it showcases you well, no one else knows your accomplishments like you do