Patient Outcomes in Physical and Occupational Therapy Improve with Emerging Technologies like Sway and Jintronix

patient outcomes

It’s exciting when allied healthcare professionals get the chance to work with technologies that let them treat patients remotely, from anywhere! Companies like Jintronix and Sway Medical are offering just that chance, by providing virtual rehabilitation platforms or smartphone apps that help make therapy possible from your living room, an airport, your office—basically anywhere.

Last fall Sway released a customizable version of their FDA approved iPhone app that assesses postural sway and concussion risk. In short, Sway provides balance testing, sideline evaluations of a head injury, orthopedic injury screening, recovery tracking and fatigue monitoring—watch this “How does Sway work” video to learn more:

Why Sway is Making Therapists Swoon

The product is saving allied healthcare providers big money as an alternative to costly force platforms.  Developed by Chase Curtiss, a clinical exercise physiologist, Sway Balance is of considerable value to any therapist who works in rehabilitation, sports medicine or fall risk; it’s a go-to app when therapists find themselves outside of the clinic, and in need of a fast, reliable concussion screening. **Healthcare professionals can purchase a yearly subscription to the app for $199 – a fraction of the cost of a typical balance platform. Better yet, the patient-facing app is free to download!

Another Technology Therapists Will Love: Jintronix

Jintronix is also making therapists and patients take note—when, thanks to a powerful software platform, therapy can be done anywhere, via portal and client application: “The Wave”.  The games offered by Jintronix were created by some of the most talented physical therapists and occupational therapists working in allied healthcare today. After taking the company’s **video tour, therapists can appreciate how engaging and fun the virtual environments are for patients. The therapy exercises, done via motion and tracking camera, record patients’ movements in real time; this allows the therapist to maintain a high standard of care as though the patient were right there in the room—and carry on as though the patient never left it! Therapists can review performance metrics online, as well as modify and prescribe treatments accordingly.

PTs and OTs Are Seeing the Gap between Therapy and Technology Shrink, As Potential to Excel in Allied Healthcare Expands!  

It is now possible for occupational and physical therapists to focus more on patient outcomes, as well as provide more streamlined, objective and organized evidence of patient improvements; this is a boon to the PT or OT amassing data that proves just how marketable they are on the healthcare landscape, and how indispensable they are to patients. Call 1-800-617-0608 or apply online at American Traveler Allied to find out how you can ride this information and technology driven wave!

 **Cost of Sway technology derived from: