Attention, Foreign Educated Physical Therapists Seeking State Licensure Information

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American Traveler Allied has Physical Therapist License Requirements for all 50 U.S. states!

Recently, American Traveler Allied posted a website resource that is receiving rave reviews. We call it our Go-to Guide for Foreign Educated physical therapists. It addresses the specific needs of non-U.S. born job seekers, looking to meet state licensure requirements in America’s 50 states for physical therapist careers.

Our Go-to Guide supplies qualified job seekers, educated in countries outside the U.S., including Canada and Mexico, direct links to state Physical Therapy Boards, applications and instructions for meeting US physical therapist license requirements in the nation’s leading destinations for allied healthcare careers.

Recruiting experts at American Traveler Allied decided to expand this information, so that it includes the entire U.S.A.!

Visit American Traveler Allied’s new career resource page today for foreign trained physical therapist license information in all 50 states. The information provided is detailed and comprehensive; it lets the foreign trained physical therapist instantly access licensing information, answers to frequently asked questions, detailed instructions, application forms and packets. Most applications may be submitted online.

Additionally, this career resource for foreign educated physical therapists includes direct links to the premier credentials evaluation agency, the Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy (FCCPT), accepted and encouraged by a majority of U.S. states. Our new career resource cites, also, the importance the majority of U.S. states place on graduation from schools approved by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).

What else can foreign trained physical therapists expect to benefit from this comprehensive guide found at American Traveler Allied. We are happy to report that—because each state differs in its laws and approaches to obtaining a physical therapy license—a specific detail that helps set that state apart; by providing advanced notice of what to expect in a certain state, the physical therapist is better prepared to make application there without error, quickly and efficiently. See some examples below:

Did you know?
  • Foreign educated physical therapists seeking licensure in Florida are no longer required to submit proof of English proficiency?
Or that
  • In Louisiana no physical therapist may practice without first obtaining a temporary permit?

Foreign educated professionals seeking physical therapy jobs in America are going to find that, in many U.S. states, unique rules apply for meeting requirements set by individual state Physical Therapy Boards and, fortunately, American Traveler Allied covers them all.

Don't forget to check out the foreign trained physical therapy license page at American Traveler Allied today—where we supply talented physical therapists, of all nationalities, with everything they need to meet state board requirements and hit the ground running in the physical therapy career of their dreams—WHEREVER their ambition decides to take them.