Are You a Speech Language Pathology Grad Looking for Top CFY Jobs?

cfy fellowship year

Find Clinical Fellowship Year Jobs now and start the therapy career you’ve been waiting for!

At American Traveler Allied, our recruitment experts are poised to deliver career resources that guide speech language pathologists in achieving just about anything. Highly successful allied healthcare professionals who benefit from our services know how critical a Clinical Fellowship Year job (CFY) is in the beginning stages of a therapy career, and encourage those just starting out in SLP jobs to use our wealth of health marketplace information for the answers they seek.

Q: How do I find high-paying CFY jobs?

A: First step is to register online and complete an application today! Candidates who work with American Traveler Allied gain access to career options in their chosen field, enjoying top pick and pay in facilities that include hospitals, outpatient centers and clinics. Just like any other full-time therapy job, American Traveler Allied CFY jobs come with a generous benefits package.

As a Clinical Fellow and valuable member of the American Traveler Allied family, you will acquire invaluable experience in rehabilitation hospitals, recognized year-after-year as the nation’s best in U.S. News & World Report. American Traveler Allied ensures placement in facilities that provide SLPs with mentors—in other words, licensed speech language pathologists who serve as guides while you acclimate yourself to new procedures. And better yet? At American Traveler Allied, Clinical Fellows enjoy the added security of client support services anytime they need it.

Before advancing in your speech language pathologist career, therapists must grow professionally—exponentially—in a CFY job. If you're in your last year of graduate school and ready to complete supervised clinical training from a certified SLP, American Traveler Allied can match you to a healthcare facility that needs your talent, STAT!

What are you waiting for? Get ready for your training in the perfect CFY job—one that lets you integrate what you learned in school with clinical on-the-job practice. Apply today for a high income CFY job at American Traveler Allied.

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