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Sterile Processing Tech Travel Jobs

A sterile process technician sterilizes and assembles the equipment required for surgery, exams, and other medical procedures. They are also responsible for inventory and ordering equipment as needed.

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Requirements for Sterile Tech Processing Travel Positions

Sterile processing technicians earn vocational school certificates. Most programs take several weeks to complete and focus on anatomy, medical vocabulary, microbiology, disease control, interpersonal skills, and the use of sterilizing equipment. Some employers prefer hiring sterile process technicians who have been certified by passing a national exam and maintaining a record of continuing education courses, according to the Certification Board of Sterile Processing and Distribution.

More Information About Sterile Processing Tech Travel

Working in the field of sterile processing technology requires background checks and immunizations to demonstrate personal health and responsibility.

Sterile Processing Tech Travel Job Description

The job duties of a Sterile Processing Technician are to prepare, sterilize, install, assemble, or clean all laboratory or healthcare equipment required for surgeries, examinations, and medical procedures. The SPT also keeps all equipment clean for procedures.

Sterile Proc Tech Pay

A Sterile Processing Tech job pays a median salary of $48,224 currently per year in the U.S. This salary also depends on location, education, certifications, additional skills and experience in the profession. Some of the top paying states in the Nation for a Sterile Processing Tech are Massachusetts, Washington and Maryland.  To earn more benefits as a Sterile Processing Tech some may want to pursue a traveling career. Extra benefits like these include health insurance, free private housing, and travel and license reimbursement.