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MRI Tech Travel Jobs

MRI technicians are responsible for capturing images on MRI scanners to diagnose patients. Patients are injected with dyes that will work with the magnetic energy to contrast the images on the scanner's screen, making the organs and other internal body parts easier to see. MRI techs follow a physician's orders regarding which images to capture, as well as determining if more images are needed.

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Requirements for MRI Tech Positions

MRI technicians are not always required to have a license or certification, but many employers prefer it. Certification is offered through the American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imagining Technologists (ARMRIT) and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Both of these organizations require the passing of an exam.

More Information About MRI Tech Travel

A unique responsibility of the MRI Tech is handling high-stress environments dealing with patients; keeping them calm, educating them on what to expect, helping them be comfortable, and ensuring that they get the best care possible.

MRI Tech Travel Job Description

A Traveling MRI Tech takes images of patients' bodies for diagnostic testing by using a MRI scanner. They work with Physicians to provide them with a clear image so they can accurately diagnose a patient. MRI Techs also need both technical skills and physical strength necessary to operate the MRI scanner.

MRI Technician Pay

A MRI Tech makes a median salary of $83,726 currently per year in the U.S. This salary also depends on location, education, certifications, additional skills and experience in the profession. To earn more benefits as a MRI Tech some may want to pursue a traveling career. Extra benefits like these include health insurance, free private housing, and travel and license reimbursement.