Top 10 Happiest States Are a Good Destination for Traveling Therapists – Part II

top therapy states

Mulling where to accept your next travel therapist job? Consider one of the Top 10 Happiest States -- Louisiana, Hawaii, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, South Carolina, Alabama and Maine.

These Top 10 were named in a recent report on the happiest states, which ranked all the states by combining the results from two sources: a nationwide life-satisfaction survey; plus a study gauging a variety of lifestyle factors for each state -- such as how much rain and sunshine the state received, commuting time, crime rate, air quality, housing affordability, spending on education and highways, and cost of living, and lastly number of hazardous waste sites.

In Part I of our report, we’ve already described the appeal of the first five states for traveling therapists. Here are details on the second group of the Top 10 Happiest States:


Louisiana’s neighbor to the east. Mississippi offers many southern charms all its own. Rehabilitation therapy jobs can be found throughout the Magnolia State, our nation’s 20th -- from Biloxi, the coastal gambling town; to Jackson, the history-soaked state capital; to Tupelo, the birthplace of Elvis Presley (who would have turned 75 in 2010). So, slow down and soak it all in, y’all; and when someone asks you where the best physical therapy jobs are, spell it loudly and proudly: “M—I—S—S—I—S—S—I—P—P—I!”


Are you a traveling therapist who’s longing for wide-open spaces and majestic scenery as far as the eye can see? Then head for Montana, the 41st state. Even in the capital city of Helena, the physical therapist won’t find crowds or overpopulation -- unless you’re talking about bison or horses! And the Treasure State sure lives up to its nickname in the geological-wonders department, with two of the country’s premier national parks: Glacier and Yellowstone (America’s first national park!).

South Carolina

Yet another Southern state in the Top 10 (are we sensing a pattern here?!), South Carolina also offers tons of history, culture and nature to the physical therapist. From the romantic port city of Charleston and world-class resort of Hilton Head along the Atlantic coast, the Palmetto State stretches inland to the capital of Columbia, and westward to the upcountry region, with plenty of scenic mountains, lakes and waterfalls along the way. Adventurous traveling health-care professionals, take note: Our 8th state is especially renowned for its water trails – including the longest blackwater river in the nation, Edisto.


Alabama, the 22nd state, offers lots of opportunity for the therapist who’s also a history buff – from Civil War to civil rights. Whether your physical therapy job takes you to the Gulf coast town of Mobile, or the capital of Montgomery, or the high-tech city of Huntsville, there’s sure to be plenty to keep you occupied when not on the job. For the athletically inclined, the choice of activities includes hiking, biking, rock climbing, golf, water sports, hunting, fishing and more.


Traveling therapists will find that Maine, the only Top 10 state in the northeast, is worthy of its high happiness ranking. Our 23rd state is vast in size, but modest in population. Cities such as Portland and Augusta (the capital) are pleasantly compact and livable. Plus, with more than 30 state parks and one of the finest national parks -- Acadia -- Maine deserves its ranking as the fourth healthiest state. Physical therapist, heal thyself: Take a hike or go rafting, or take a whale-watching cruise, then feast on freshly caught lobster. “Ayuh,” indeed!