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Contract Therapy Employers

Fill your physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology jobs quickly and easily.

American Traveler Allied staffs prestigious facilities nationwide, including outpatient centers, rehab institutions, hospitals, and more with experienced therapists. Our skilled therapists and allied professionals provide competent, compassionate patient care. Our fully online staffing model is ideal for staffing managers looking to fill therapy jobs for leave, expansion, census fluctuations, vacations, unit openings, and so. We can even help you fill highly specialized positions with small candidate pools.

Permanent Therapist Recruiting Service

With American Traveler Allied's permanent staffing solutions, your healthcare organization can rest easy in the knowledge that our Joint Commission-certified organization will provide high-quality allied candidates to meet your specific staffing needs. And we don't stop there. American Traveler Allied verifies the competency of healthcare professionals, monitors performance, and continually demonstrates a commitment to providing and improving quality services to our clients.

The Benefits to Using Our Recruiting Services

  • Quickly fill physical therapist jobs, occupational therapy jobs, and speech therapy jobs       
  • Boost staffing efficiencies                
  • Increase your control over healthcare staffing needs
  • Therapist staffing agency access online 24/7

What We Offer

Web-based technology enables access to a pool of qualified healthcare professionals. Simply post physical therapist jobs, occupational therapy jobs, and speech-language pathologist jobs online with us. No phone calls are required, and you'll spend less time searching for qualified candidates.
Therapist recruiting software enables candidate credentialing and document expiration date notification and streamlines payroll, insurance, billing, recruitment, and benefits processing. Employers may choose to utilize the full service module or bundle individual value-added features to address specific needs.
Support to meet staffing targets with permanent or temporary therapist placements. You only pay for the staff that you need, and can rest easy that your healthcare professionals are highly qualified.

We also...

  1. Can meet your permanent and short-term needs.
  2. Conduct healthcare professional screening and interviewing. Only candidates qualified to meet the needs of the client facility's customized recruitment profile are sent to the facility employer for review.
  3. Provide travel therapists with paychecks, housing, travel reimbursements, health insurance, and other benefits to increase assignment completion percentages and job satisfaction.
  4. Frequently review our professionals' performance to ensure therapists are meeting our high standards of patient care and facility employer satisfaction.
  5. Promote healthcare professionals' assignment renewals and/or permanent placements when facility employers so desire.
"No other therapist recruiting agency  can provide scheduling flexibility, tracking, and analysis like your solution." – Staffing Manager at 310-bed Level III Trauma Center

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Your One Stop Shop

From hospitals that utilize a single source provider to clients wishing to consolidate all of their preferred travel therapist agency vendors, our experts will guide you toward a solution that’s right for you.

We offer a full array of web-based staffing and consulting services to improve staff performance and optimize payroll budgets. Hospitals or other facility employers can choose from an entire line of services, or can customize individual elements to achieve desired results.

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Healthcare Employers Enjoy the Ease of Therapist Recruitment with Us

Take a moment to request more information about how American Traveler Allied can meet all your staffing needs. You’ll be contacted immediately by one of our experienced account managers, who will answer any questions you may have regarding our agency programs. Only after a candidate is accepted by a facility will an agreement commence.

American Traveler Allied's high-performance, web-based staffing solutions yield significant cost savings. We invite you to see first-hand how this innovative workforce management solution can immediately impact your staffing efficiency.  Save thousands of dollars in recruitment costs and fill your physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech language pathologist jobs quickly and easily with our expert support.