Sterile Processing Technician Travel Job in Santa Monica California

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Specialty:   Sterile Processing Technician
City:   Santa Monica
State:   California
Metro Area:   Los Angeles CA
Job ID:   P-17731
Shift:   Evenings 8 - 40 Weekly Hrs.
Length:   17 Weeks
Est. Gross Weekly Pay*:   $1869
Start Date:   ASAP
Facility Setting:   Hospital

Assignment Location

American Traveler Allied has an opening for a contract Sterile Processing in California. This assignment puts you in the Los Angeles CA area. Enjoy the increased pay and new experiences that come with traveling to locations like Santa Monica, along with our full benefits package and top-rated customer service.
Santa Monica

Facility Details

This is an over 250 bed Hospital teaching facility with Level 3 NICU and Trauma Center. Location Info: The redwood rainforests and North Coast make for incredible California travel job photo ops.

Sterile Proc. Tech Job Responsibilities

Working in the field of sterile processing technology requires background checks and immunizations to demonstrate personal health and responsibility.

Sterile processing technicians earn vocational school certificates. Most programs take several weeks to complete and focus on anatomy, medical vocabulary, microbiology, disease control, interpersonal skills, and the use of sterilizing equipment. Some employers prefer hiring sterile process technicians who have been certified by passing a national exam and maintaining a record of continuing education courses, according to the Certification Board of Sterile Processing and Distribution.

*hot job- fast start   $$ - above average pay in this specialty
Date Posted: 2023-05-22

* The estimated weekly gross pay is based on the specified number hours per week and includes available stipend amounts. Traveler eligibility is subject to company policy, as well as additional regulations and laws. Your recruiter can provide detailed pay information based on your individual requirements and situation.