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CAT scan technologists, sometimes known as CT or radiologic technologists, provide diagnostic images of the interior of the human body using computerized tomography (CAT or CT) scanners. CAT technologists may also perform other procedures, such as radiographs and fluoroscopes. 

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Cat Scan Tech Job Requirements

Due to the potential hazards associated with radioactive materials, most states require licensing for CAT scan technologists. Licensing requirements vary by state; however, most states require graduation from an accredited radiography program. Some states also require technologists to acquire ARRT radiography certification and obtain a specific number of continuing education hours annually. CT Techs must complete an accredited radiology program before they can professionally perform CT procedures. 

More Information About Cat Scan Tech Travel

A Traveling CT Tech uses computerized x-ray equipment to aid radiologists in diagnosing a wide variety of diseases and disorders.

Cat Scan Tech Travel Job Description

As a traveling Cat Scan Tech, an individual will perform CT scans that provide detailed information about soft tissues, blood vessels, and bones, which is essential for accurate diagnostics. A Cat Scan Tech is also responsible for positioning patients, ensuring they receive the proper dose of radionuclides and performing the imaging procedure.

Cat Scan Tech Pay

According to Salary.com, a Cat Scan Tech makes an average salary of $73,626 in the U.S. The salary of a Traveling Cat Scan Tech also depends on location, level of education and facility type and of course experience, but includes added benefits.