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Physical Therapy Jobs Solid for This Year

Boca Raton, FL

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Physical therapy job employment opportunities in the New Year remain hearty for thousands of Physical Therapy graduates and the more than 120,000 licensed Physical Therapists (PTs), Physical Therapy Assistants (PTAs) and Doctorates of Physical Therapy (DPTs) either practicing or looking to practice physical therapy in the U.S. Our physical therapy staffing firm provides one-stop Internet resource for physical therapy career success.

Physical Therapy Employment Trends

With a projected 1.1 percent unemployment rate for the physical therapy profession in 2011 and a spike in demand for physical therapy services caused by retiring baby boomers, improved patient access and increased referrals, the New Year may bring physical therapists some of the best employment conditions since the late 1990s.

Physical therapy job opportunities in acute hospital, skilled nursing, and orthopedic settings that cater to the elderly will be particularly good, said recruitment VP, Mary Kay Hull. Physical therapy job prospects are favorable in rural areas where competition among physical therapists isn’t as intense as in the suburbs and in the city, she said.

"Demand for physical therapists and physical therapy assistants will be high in just about every healthcare market in the nation this year," said Hull. "In some regions of the country, the need for physical therapy services already exceeds the number of available PTs and PTA job candidates, creating immense opportunities for physical therapists who don’t mind a little travel or who are looking to relocate or revitalize careers."

Though thousands of physical therapy job openings are scattered about the country, finding a physical therapist assistant position or physical therapy job to suit individual lifestyles and professional goals requires some research, "and is worth every bit of time it takes," said Hull.

Considering the scope of resources we've compiled, said Hull, spending just a few minutes on the site could make all the difference in physical therapy pay, physical therapist job satisfaction and personal and professional growth for therapy job seekers.