Have an Appetite for Fun Food? Check our Therapist Deal's Guide

restaurant guide

Rehabilitation therapy jobs can create an appetite for fun food; read on to find some great deals ....

In physical therapy jobs, PTs and likeminded colleagues are bound to ask upon arrival in a new city: “So, is there a good place to eat around here?”

Any foodie worth his salt, especially a local one, is happy to answer this question, plugging local cuisine that lends the cities your Rehabilitation Therapy Jobs take place in, character…a la mode.

Yep, it’s the locals who recommend great vegetarian venue guides, like happycow.net, which puts veggie loving therapists in touch with the nearest organic restaurants and health food stores—with any luck, word spreads there’s an alternative to meat lover’s pizza at the next Occupational Therapy Jobs roundup.

Herbivore or meat loving, the locals know where it’s at; that’s why sites like Where the locals eat are worthy bookmarks in the months you work in physical therapist jobs away from home.

Food for thought: When physical therapy jobs mean you’re often too busy to cook, eatin’ good in the neighborhood—at restaurants that come highly recommended—means you’re twice as likely to extend your assignment.

Click on Applebee’s as proof that signing up to receive e-mails at your favorite franchises is a great way to save. Have OT Jobs and physical therapist jobs starved you for time to surf restaurants? Applebee’s sign-up page removes the guess work, and the good news is its simple steps to free membership are very similar to tasty competitors, i.e. Red Lobster’s Fresh Catch Club.

When restaurants like these are running a sale on surf or turf, you’ll be the first PT to know. Check in at all your favorite franchise websites to see what we mean.

You may already be a smart phone enthusiast working in travel therapist jobs whose restaurant app on the ol’ mobile quite capably makes your dining decisions for you, but that hardly means PTs and OTs aren’t interested in deep discounts available in the 2010 Entertainment Book. If you haven’t heard about it already, we’ve got the 411! This huge volume of coupons provides an online membership, where additional (printable) discounts are available just by typing your current zip code; you can also apply for an Entertainment Card, designed for discretion when the bill arrives.

Whether you find the perfect bargain or not, PTs, OTs and the medical professionals in between, gotta eat! Find out if you’re destined to work in one of the top 5 travel therapy spots.

Once you get there, make sure to ask: “So, is there a good place to eat around here?”