Becoming a Physical Therapist: Common Questions and Answers about Travel Therapy Jobs

Physical Therapist Jobs

Do you have specific questions about physical therapy schools and travel therapy benefits? American Traveler Allied provides answers and resources for frequently asked questions that may help you start a physical therapy career. Visit the travel therapy career center for informative links on how to become a physical therapist.

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Can I work as a travel therapist and get free housing while I am in school? Travel therapy jobs have education and certification requirements, so you must have your physical therapy degree before becoming a travel therapist; therefore, free housing would not yet be available to you while you are in school. American Traveler Allied does offer free continuing education classes, however, so if you are already a certified therapist, you could earn both free housing and free professional development by becoming a travel therapist.

Where can I get information about state accredited physical therapy programs? The American Physical Therapy Association has a comprehensive list of all accredited physical therapy programs. You can download a list of prerequisite courses required for each school, and get more information about each school’s curriculum, clinical opportunities, tuition, and admissions requirements. For a complete list of accredited physical therapy schools near you, visit APTA.

How much do travel therapists get paid? This answer depends on the specific job or jobs you take, but it is generally agreed that travel therapists are among the highest paid in the physical therapy field. On top of salary, if you consider the free housing, travel reimbursement, state licensure reimbursement, free health, life, and dental insurance, and free continuing education classes, your earning potential as a travel therapist is extraordinarily high. Check the salary calculator at our therapy career resources page for more information on physical therapist salaries.

What would my schedule be like? This answer, too, depends on your particular situation, but most travel therapists work eight-hour shifts, five days a week. You can request extra shifts or time off, but these requests, as with any other job, will be granted based on hospital/facility need. If you’d like time off between travel therapy jobs, that can be arranged by contacting American Traveler Allied.

What kind of support does American Traveler Allied offer its clients? When you apply for healthcare travel jobs with American Traveler Allied, you will be assigned a recruiter with whom you will work on-on-one. You can expect to hear from your recruiter often, as he or she will check-in with you weekly to make sure everything is satisfactory. Your recruiter will walk you through all licensing and credentialing processes to make sure that everything goes smoothly. On top of that, American Traveler Allied has an emergency hotline that is open for clients 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

How do I get started on my travel therapy career? You can start right away by contacting American Traveler Allied at 1-800-617-0608 or by visiting the American Traveler Allied website to apply online now.