3 Important Reasons to Celebrate Therapists This Labor Day

labor day

While much of the American workforce takes a well-deserved break this Labor Day, the holiday will see plenty of healthcare professionals hard at work. From coast to coast, therapy jobs are being done and done well by PTs, physical therapy assistants, OTs and more.

Healthcare employers count on their rehab team to come in and restore mobility and independence to millions of patients 365 days a year. American Traveler Allied Professionals want to wish their allied healthcare team a safe and happy Labor Day weekend, and can’t think of a better way to kick things off, than by listing three key reasons why we should celebrate all therapists!

Make Sure You Thank a Therapist on Labor Day for….

  • #1: Restoring Independence and Mobility to Patients Of all Ages, and Circumstances: Following injury or illness, a rehab team sets the tone for a patient’s overall experience in the hospital. Therapists work hard to create customized therapy sessions for every patient. PTs bridge the gap between physical pain and mental anguish, via the use of targeted therapies that help millions, especially veterans and patients with PTSD. Physical and occupational therapists are mastering new technologies to help patients with amputations, spinal cord injuries, autism and more.
  •  #2: For Staying Politically Active and Improving Healthcare: In the advent of Obamacare, millions more patients are entitled to care, and physical therapists are doing their part to meet that demand with the highest quality healthcare. Politically active PTs are lobbying, to great success, for better access to Medicare, and the right to provide patients with physical therapy without a referral from an MD—this is working out for patients and their therapists in 48 U.S. states! PTs who go to Capitol Hill and speak out on Loan repayment eligibility are heroes to therapists the world over, too!
  • #3: For Persevering in a Competitive Field! It’s no secret: Continuing education can boost your therapy career trajectory by quite a bit. American Traveler Allied offers free continuing education credits as part of our benefits package, urging our therapists use it to become certified specialists in the physical therapy specialties   encouraged by the ABPTS. American Traveler Allied is proud to staff America’s best rehab facilities and clinics with our highly skilled therapy team, as well as provide round the clock recruiting for help landing high paying therapy jobs in all 50 U.S. States!

Labor Day Officially Ends the Summer. Where Will You Take Your Therapy Career This Fall? 

What better time than Labor Day to champion therapists of their recession proof career path. The **Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) couldn't predict a sunnier forecast for PTs: 73,500 physical therapy jobs will be created by 2022! That translates into a 36% growth rate! These are nothing, if not the hallmarks of excellent working conditions that American Union workers fought for in establishing the United States’ first Labor Day: high pay, flexible schedules and competitive benefits package that provide for your well-being right now, as well as a comfortable retirement. Travel therapy jobs in some of the most coveted tourist destinations in the country are just waiting to be snapped up this Fall and Winter. Call 1-800-617-0608 or apply online to start your travel therapy adventure. We have permanent therapy jobs, too! Happy Labor Day everyone!