10 Reasons to Switch to Travel Therapy Jobs

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Allied healthcare professionals, drawn to new cultures, climates and the travel done in between, covet high paying occupational and physical therapy jobs offered by prestigious staffing agencies. If you’re looking to take your therapy career to the next level, one that offers a competitive salary, free luxury private housing and more, please do read on!

Checklist: 10 Reasons to Switch to Travel Therapy Jobs

  1. Travel therapy jobs let your inner-traveler go beyond guidebooks: Sites and attractions are to be enjoyed at your sole discretion and leisure. It’s not like you’re the average tourist, trying to cram everything into one vacation.
  2. Staffing consultants work closely with every therapist. Thanks to VIP customer care, you tailor your own therapist career, living where you want, working the hours that suit you best.
  3. Continuing Education is free. Advance in your therapist career from the comfort of your laptop. We have hundreds of online classes to choose from! See some of the  Free CE online courses
  4. These therapy jobs are flexible! If you fall in love with a city during your therapy job, you can easily arrange to extend that position or find a permanent therapist job in your desired city.
  5. Free private housing is located in a prime location. Live in apartments with amenities that encourage exercise (i.e. pools and gyms) and are either very close to your travel therapy job or located next to public transportation.
  6. Get a bonus when you refer a therapist! Be sure to refer a colleague who loves the idea of a travel therapist lifestyle too.  See current travel therapy jobs bonuses.
  7. Company matched 401(k) and travel reimbursements come with every travel therapy job. Once you peruse the American Traveler Allied benefits package, you’ll want to sign on!
  8. Accepting a travel therapy job means lightening your load. A consultant handles the particulars; the only thing you must do is ace your job interview, pack your belongings and get on the road. Deciding what the essentials are rids your life of clutter. See basic travel therapy job documentation needed to get started
  9. Making plans for your future has never been this fun. Formulate a list of "Must-See places" before embarking on your new therapy career. Cram your glove compartment with maps and guidebooks. It’s a great opportunity for graduate physical therapists coming out of college.
  10. You build confidence by working in more than just one facility. Increase your ability to adapt, acclimate and thrive in travel therapy jobs.

American Traveler Allied Professionals Help You Learn to Travel Light

Allied healthcare professionals love travel therapy jobs because they are flexible, challenging, and offer great career benefits and pay when compared to permanent positions. Travel therapy jobs allow you to be the architect of where you work and for how long—rest assured our SLP jobs, physical and occupational therapy jobs are in America’s best hospitals; 80% of our affiliates appear in a top rated list, published consistently in U.S. News & World Report. Remember our checklist of why becoming a travel therapist is a brilliant move. You want to travel light, even if a decision like this is seldom made lightly—that is exactly why you need an expert staffing agency to help you take the plunge.