Travel Therapy Jobs - Tax Advantage Plan

Your travel therapist job take home pay just got better!

Our Tax Advantage Plan increases the take home pay for travel therapy jobs*. Ask your Recruiter about the benefits of tax-free meals and incidentals.

  • Travel therapy jobs home pay & benefits increase by as much as 15 percent for those who qualify
  • Travel therapists per diem pay may provide up to $10,000 in annual tax free savings

High per diem pay for travel therapy  can improve your lifestyle, enable you to contribute more to your 401(k) retirement plan, increase the amount of disposable income available to meet your direct needs, and enhance your total travel therapist  job experience.

In addition to free housing, lucrative benefits and health insurance, you'll be one step closer to a six-figure income with our exclusive Tax Advantage Plan for therapist jobs.

Our Tax Advantage Plan amounts to more money in every paycheck

It's recommended to consult with your Tax Advisor to determine if you qualify for the tax-free per diem pay offered by the Tax Advantage Plan. For more complete tax details, click here to review the IRS tax code.

Per diem pay for therapists has never been better!  

  * Must qualify for tax advantage benefits.